Uk (Brighton)
Dub club arena

« Dubwise since 1995 » Roots Garden stormed Brighton’s clubnight scene with it’s ‘Strictly Roots and Culture’ ethos in 1995. Hosting Tuesday nights at the underground venue, The Jazz Place establishing Roots Garden as one of the UK’s longest running reggae nights (1995-2011). Bringing authentic sound system culture into a club environment. As well as regular appearances at venues and festivals further afield Roots Garden continue to be an ever present part of Brighton’s diverse music scene, hosting regular sound system shows and club night sessions across the cities many venues. Roots Garden’s passion and dedication to representing the very best of Jamaican music and it’s many branches have secured it’s name as an integral part of Brighton’s musical landscape. Roots Garden record label,est.2005, represents many of the talented artists, musicians and producers that the club has been hosting over the years. Working closely alongside pioneering UK Dub/reggae Producer, Nick Manasseh, the label has released music with the cream of the crop of Jamaican and British artists and musicians incl: Johnny Osbournne, Earl 16, Cate Ferris, Luciano, Richie Phoe, Dark Angel Jah Mali, Brother Culture, Vin Gordon, Freddie McGregor, Josey Wales, Bob Skeng, Etherealites, to name only a few… .“One of the few “buy on sight labels” still around’- Woofah Magazine.